How do I help?

The four primary ways you can help the Potter’s House is by praying, volunteering, adopting a student, or mentoring or sponsoring a student. Contact us to get connected with the weekly happenings at the Potter’s House.


James 5:16 says the prayers of a righteous person are powerful and effective. You can serve through prayer by receiving our monthly email Prayer & Praise Newsletter or by attending our weekly prayer times.

If you would like to participate in weekly prayer times or receive weekly updates with what to pray for, contact us!



To volunteer at the Potter’s House, connect with our staff so we can direct you to the area you will be most effective. Ways to help as a volunteer include taking men to appointments, assisting with household and yard maintenance, teaching at group sessions and teaching basic life skills like cooking and nutrition, financial management, stress management and physical fitness. Since the Potter’s House is a men’s ministry, most active volunteer roles will be best filled by men.

Adopt a Student

Since many of our students have broken family relationships, the opportunity to be part of a healthy, functioning family is very encouraging. We welcome families to participate in our “Adopt a Student” program to include our students in occasional family activities - especially during holidays.


The Potter’s House students are required to obtain a Mentor and a Sponsor during Phase One of their program. This is a vital volunteer role. If you fit the below descriptions, consider connecting with us to become a Mentor or Sponsor.

  • Mentor - The student-mentor relationship includes spending time together talking about hopes, dream, life issues and concerns. They will walk together through whatever comes for the student. This role requires the Mentor to actively love Jesus and be an individual the student aspires to become like.

  • Sponsor - The Sponsor is typically related to AA/NA or Celebrate Recovery. This individual uses the program provided by their parent organization and is a ready resource when temptation for relapse comes. This individual should have significant time of sobriety behind them and are now willing to help another in their recovery.