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"Transition To Community is encouraging me while at the same time holding me accountable."

- Barry -

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Hi my name is Barry Shue and this is my daughter Bella.  It has been a long road to find myself at Transition To Community’s Residential living experience called The Potter’s House. I have made some poor choices growing up.  I was 14 when I first started to use marijuana as a social thing. By the time I was 17, I advanced on to crack cocaine and used that till I was 19. At the birth of my son many things changed and I wanted to stay clean for my family.  Married to my wife Sue I wanted to be a good husband and father I just didn’t have good role models.  I stayed clean from drugs till around 2007.  After experiencing a separation from my family I turned back to drugs and alcohol.  Things got worse and worse till I wound up in Jail several times between 2007- 2011
During my last time in jail I realized that something had to change.  Doing what I was doing was only hurting me and the ones I loved. While incarcerated I searched for something that could make a change in my life. My eleventh day in Jail I went to church and experienced something I have never experienced before. In the past I went to church and believed in God and Jesus but never really had a relationship with Him. A group called “High Towers” shared some wonderful testimonies. The Holy Spirit stirred my heart and when they asked if anyone wanted to have a relationship with Jesus I raised my hand. I was in jail but I now felt free. My soul has begun a journey that has given me freedom even while behind bars.
I didn’t want to go out to the streets and get caught up with the same old things that always brought me back. (Read Entire story....)

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Lanny and Debbie Millette
Annual Banquet

March 7, 2014, 6:30 p.m. at Shady Maple Banquet Center.

Featuring stories of healing and hope.

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     You can support one man in a safe Christian transitional home. Please consider making a donation to provide housing for men who are trying to get back on their feet again.

    $15.00 provides a home for one day
    $100 00 provides a home for one week
    $400.00 provides a home for one month
    $2400.00 provides a home for six month

Please make checks payable to "Transition to Community" and send to 13 Brimmer Ave, New Holland, PA 17557 or you can make an online contribution here.

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